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Dormice feed on a variety of food found high up in the trees. They will eat flowers and pollen during the spring, fruits and berries through the summer months and nuts (particularly hazel nuts) in the autumn. They will also occasionally take insects. All of this food must be found within a small area as they only travel within 70m of their nest.

Dormouse survey in Oxfordshire

UES have recently completed a dormouse survey of a site in Oxfordshire. The proposed development involves the removal of a number of trees along a woodland edge to form encampments.

UES completed an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey of the site in May 2011. The survey highlighted areas of low coppiced hazel, coppiced silver birch, blackthorn and honeysuckle within the woodland which have some potential for use by dormice Muscardinus avellanarius.

UES completed a desk study of the site, which found records of dormice in a SSSI woodland near to the proposed site, as such dormouse presence / absence surveys were completed in August 2011, which involved searching the site for hazelnuts that had been characteristically gnawed by dormice.