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Otters feed mainly on fish although occasionally water birds or frogs are taken. An otter can eat up to 15% of its own bodyweight in fish every day. This can bring otters into conflict with people who manage watercourses and fisheries.

Phase 1 Habitat Survey in Winchester

UES recently completed an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey of an old mill in Winchester. An Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey involves mapping the habitats on the site and informing the client of any potential issues relating to protected and invasive species. When surveying particular focus is given to the following species:

  1. amphibians
  2. bats
  3. water vole
  4. dormouse
  5. badger
  6. otter
  7. brown hare
  8. reptiles
  9. birds (including Schedule 1 species)
  10. white-clawed crayfish
  11. invasive plant species
  12. hedgerows and boundaries
  13. trees
  14. plant communities

UES were lucky enough to see 3 otters swimming along a nearby river when surveying. Because of the close proximity to the river UES have suggested measures that should be taken to ensure that there is no risk of contamination of the watercourse.

Appropriate planting and the provision of bird and bat boxes either fitted to the new building or on trees close by could also provide an improvement in the quality of habitat available locally.