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Wild flower meadows are to be sown with pretty native annuals, such as Field poppy and Cornflower, that will flower mainly in July and August.

Landscape design in Knutsford, Cheshire

UES completed an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey of a derelict farm in Knutsford, Cheshire. The site is rural with land use dominated by improved pasture, hedgerows and scattered farm buildings. Our client has plans to convert the existing farm building and outbuildings to a single residential dwelling.

Under PPS 9 ‘there should be no net loss of biodiversity’ as a result of a building conversion. For this reason, viable and appropriate ecological compensation measures were recommended including landscaping elements. The landscape design for the farm retains existing Silver birch Betula pendula trees and hedgerows in alliance with the Hedgerow Regulations Act (1997), which makes it an offence to remove hedgerows without permission from the Local Planning Authority.

Numerous shrub beds and wild flower meadows have been proposed to complement the design of the new building and the existing landscape. The addition of fruit bearing scrubs and wild flowers will also increase wildlife and biodiversity within the garden.

See detailed landscape plan below.