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A bat scoping survey will involve a site visit to check for habitat features and field signs which are associated with bats. A report with any findings and recommendations, together with photographs, GIS mapping and aerial photography will be produced to support your application. Bat scoping surveys can be done throughout the year.

Bat scoping surveys in Liverpool

UES have recently been commissioned to complete bat scoping surveys of 70 houses in Edge Hill, Liverpool for Powell Demolition and Builders Ltd. The houses are to be demolished as part of a wider scheme that will see 371 homes be demolished to make way for a new road, homes, a commercial hub and a health centre.

7 houses have currently been surveyed by UES prior to demolition. The 7 terrace houses are in poor condition with areas inaccessible due to damp and rotten floorboards. The majority of the windows have been sealed up with block work, boarding or metal mesh work.

UES conducted a bat scoping survey of each house, which included an external inspection of the building for suitable features, and an inspection of internal roof spaces for signs of presence or use by bats. No evidence of bats such as droppings, feeding remains, rubbing marks or urine stains were found during the surveys.