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The Anfield Project sets out a vision for the regeneration of the Anfield area which is now taking place.

The proposals include a range of developments including:

  • New and refurbished housing
  • The development of ‘96 Avenue’, a major public space named in honour of the Hillsborough victims
  • The expansion of Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield stadium
  • A new public square – Anfield Square – including new commercial and retail premises
  • A new hotel which will offer unique training opportunities to local people
  • A range of developments to complete the restoration of Stanley Park
  • New retail premises along the High Street

Bat surveys in Anfield, Liverpool

Site: Anfield, Liverpool

Client: Liverpool City Council

Protected species: Bats

Project overview

UES were appointed by Liverpool City Council to undertake bat surveys of a number of terraced houses, which are due to be demolished as part of the regeneration of Anfield, Liverpool. The project is led by a partnership of Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Football Club and Your Housing Group.

UES services

Bat presence / absence surveys can only be conducted during the bat survey season (May to September inclusive) and includes a building inspection and dusk / dawn surveys.

The building inspection concentrated on finding any evidence of use by bats in the building, and also any gaps or features which have the potential to be used by roosting bats.

The building was observed through the night by two suitably experienced and licenced bat surveyors using sophisticated bat detection equipment. The equipment picks up and records the ultrasound echolocation calls of the bats making species identification possible. The recorded calls can also be analysed at a later date in more detail.

A single Common pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) bat was recorded roosting on the site. A report detailing our findings and recommendations was produced together with photographs, GIS mapping and aerial photography.

Additional surveys

UES have completed numerous surveys for Liverpool City Council since our initial instruction in 2013.