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badgers are a protected species in the UK. Any development which could disturb badger setts or badger habitat or directly harm badgers has to be carried out under a licence issued by Natural England.

Badger Survey in Puddington

UES were commissioned to undertake a site walkover survey of a small dog training site in Puddington, Near Frodsham, Cheshire.

The survey had been asked for by the council at the last minute. After an initial phone call UES were on site the next day. The site was walked over to look for field signs of badgers and any badger setts or badger activity within the site boundary, and outside the site boundary to a distance of 50m.

The site has a small woods on one side which covers a world war II anti aircraft gun emplacement. A fox earth and a number of tracks indicating fox activity were found but no indication of use by badgers. The site was very interesting and with a few simple improvements good roosting habitats for bats could be created in the woodland.

A report was produced to the satisfaction of the local council within 3 working days in order that planning permission could be considered.