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Bats can enter buildings through gaps as small as 13mm, and often go undiscovered.

Bat EPS Licence Application Berkshire

We are currently writing a European Protected Species Method statement for a development in Hurst near Reading in Berkshire.
This follows on from bat surveys which were completed last year and found low numbers of common pipistrelle bats using gaps underneath the roof tiles to roost. Several other species of bat were recorded in the area at the time of survey namely; Noctule bats, Soprano pipistrelles and Brown long eared bats these will not be affected by the development. Our client has plans to demolish the current house (which is in a poor state of repair) and build a new home for his family on the same plot.

Because bats are protected measures must be taken to ensure that no harm is done to them or their habitats.

Bat boxes have been erected in the mature trees around the site to allow the bats somewhere to roost while the new property is constructed. The new building will have several bat boxes built in to the structure as well as bat access tiles to allow access to the area underneath the tiles.

Overall the development should provide an improved habitat for bats locally for some years to come.