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All buildings are subject to planning permission. Local planning authorities will require protected species surveys prior to the determination of planning applications.

Bat Scoping Survey in High Wycombe

UES completed a bat scoping survey of St Francis Church in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

The bat scoping survey consisted of an external building inspection and an internal building inspection. The external inspection was completed first in order to look for any field signs of bats, and any features or faults in the building which could be used by roosting bats. Field signs often consist of things such as bat droppings and feeding remains, and also the tiny marks left by bats on the surfaces they crawl over. The internal inspection of the building found no field signs of use by bats. Churches are often used by bats as they are usually old buildings which tend to have the kind of gaps which bats are able to use to get into the buildings to roost. Bats in churches often leave tell tale signs such as drops of urine on brasses and woodwork, which can lead to a conflict with parishioners.

No signs of use by bats were found at the church and the level of work and potential disturbance from the remedial work which needed to be carried out there were minimal and so no further survey effort was required.