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Bat surveys have to be very thorough in order to ensure that protected species legislation is not breached.

Natural England can request more surveys are completed if they feel that the work was not done to the correct standards.

It will save you time and money to get bat survey work done correctly the first time.

Bat Surveys near Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

We have recently completed a full bat survey at a property near Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. The property had been empty for over 18 months and was in a poor state of repair. Our clients plan to demolish the current property and rebuild on the same plot.
Because this has the potential to impact on bats and their habitats, the local planning authority asked for a full bat survey to be completed prior to the start of any work on site.

UES carried out a full internal and external search of the building to identify any field signs of bats such as droppings or feeding remains. Different species of bat utilise different areas to feed and roost. Pipistrelle bats like to roost in crevices, Brown long eared bats prefer to fly around inside a roost before leaving for the evening. Bats can get into gaps as small as 13mm so building inspections have to be very thorough.

bat emergence, return roost and activity surveys were carried out on four dates and found no bats to be using the building. The gardens and surrounding features were used by bats almost constantly during the surveys. Myotis species, Noctules and two species of pipistrelles were recorded using the anabat and also using a batbox duet and edirol digital recorder.

The survey report was produced and submitted.