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Surveys for protected species of wildlife are required by local planning authorities prior to the determination of planning applications.

Bat Survey of nursing home in Staffordshire

UES recently completed a bat survey of a nursing home in Kings Bromley, Staffordshire. The bat survey consisted of a full internal building inspection and a full external building inspection, bat emergence surveys, bat return roost surveys and aerial tree inspections.

The surveys found a number of different species of bat using the area including common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle and brown long eared bats, noctule bats and myotis species bats were also recorded.

The aerial tree inspections were carried out to look for potential roosts in the trees. A number of trees were climbed and inspected but no suitable gaps or field signs of use by bats were found.

Because bats were found to be roosting in an area of the building which is to be affected by the development a European Protected Species Licence will have to be granted by Natural England prior to the start of any work on site.