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All UK bat species are legally protected by both UK and European legislation.
Many old former farm buildings house bats either inside the roof space or in tiny cracks in the fabric of the building. Care must be taken to ensure bats and their habitats are protected.
We work to ensure the best outcome for our client and for local bat populations.

Bat licensing and mitigation advice, Oxfordshire

Our client approached us for mitigation advice following a bat survey on a former farm barn in the village of Holton in Oxfordshire. The original surveys had been commissioned by our client who planned to convert the barn into a dwelling. The bat surveys had been carried out and the report produced. Despite fairly inconclusive results the report stated that the project could only go ahead under a European Protected Species Licence issued by Natural England. Our client contacted us to get a second opinion of the findings and confirm whether the licensing route was appropriate.

On reviewing the report it was found that there were a number of inconsistencies and assumptions which had lead to the conclusion that licensing was necessary. After discussions with both Natural England and the local planning authority it was agreed that a more appropriate course of action would be to adjust the timing of the works and working methods used in order to remove any risk of harming bats and their habitats.

A method statement was produced and agreed by all parties involved. The method statement laid out the necessary mitigation and compensation measures and the responsibilities of each party.

The recommendations of the initial report would have exposed the client to needless costs and delays, cost Natural England time and money to work on and provided a solution which did no good for local bat populations. Our approach has produced a new, purpose built bat loft with features designed for multiple species, retained any existing crevices which could be used by bats, and saved Natural England and our client time and money.

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