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UES offer bat and bird box fitting and advice. Bat and bird boxes are a relatively cheap and simple way to improve the quality of habitats.

Bat survey in Cranage, Cheshire

UES have completed a bat presence/absence survey at a site in Cheshire. Our client intended to demolish a house and re build on the same plot. Bat surveys were carried out during the 2010 season in order to inform the planning process.

The building was searched internally and externally for signs of use by bats, and emergence and return roost surveys were carried out. The surveys found low numbers of bats roosting in the boxed soffits of the building and also under the roof and ridge tiles.

As part of an agreed method statement UES recommended that a licensed bat ecologist be present during the demolition in case any bats were found within the building.

An interim bat box was fitted in trees locally in case any bats were found during the demolition works. The new building will have a number of bat roost boxes built into the structure, and also a purpose built bat loft, in order to replace any roosting habitat which has been lost.