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Bats are one of the protected species which are regularly found in buildings. Bats can have a major impact on project timings if discovered late in the process.

CPD training for Architects in Oxford

United Environmental services were invited to carry out a presentation for a group of architects in Oxford.

The presentation which was part of the groups' continued professional development (CPD) training, covered a number of topics specific to the industry, including:

  • Protected species and the planning process
  • Protected species legislation
  • Different types of bat survey and when to use them
  • Optimum survey times
  • The best approach to European Protected Species Licensing
  • The mitigation and compensation process

As some species of bat use buildings to roost they are probably the protected species which architects come into conflict with most often. For this reason the presentation went into detail about bats, their life cycle and the way in which they use buildings at different times of the year.

Because protected species are a material consideration of planning, local planning authorities regularly ask for surveys to be carried out prior to determination of planning applications, in order to ensure that protected species are not adversely affected by development.

The presentation was very well received by all attendees, and should enable them to better understand ecological issues which affect planning, and enable them to more accurately plan project schedules and arrange appropriate surveys.