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Ecological Surveys near Nantwich in Cheshire

United Environmental Services were commissioned to carry out an Extended Phase 1 Habitat survey, bat surveys, barn owl surveys and to provide advice on any great crested newt issues, as well as general ecological advice at a site near Nantwich in Cheshire.

Our client had plans to redevelop the former agricultural site and had already created a number of ponds within the site boundary. Surveys were commissioned in order to inform the planning process.

The site has a number of mature trees and is surrounded by countryside hedgerows, the site also has existing ponds and a badger sett close to the boundary.

The trees were assessed for features which could be used by roosting bats and birds. Any trees which had suitable features were observed during the bat emergence surveys. A good number of bats were recorded feeding over the ponds and hedgerows on site during the activity surveys. Species recorded included Common pipistrelle, Soprano pipistrelle, Daubentons bats and Brown long eared bats.

A barn owl was also seen on site during the early morning bat return roost surveys.

A full report was provided and used in support of the planning application.