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Detailed surveys and carefully planned mitigation measures will ensure that any potential damage to wildlife in the area is minimised.

Extended phase 1 survey in Oxfordshire

UES have completed an extended phase 1 habitat survey of a site in Oxfordshire in order to inform the client of any potential impacts their development would have on habitats and species.
Bidwells’ proposed development involves the removal of a number of trees along a woodland edge to form camping bays.

The site was surveyed and all species on site recorded. The mixed plantation woodland which is affected by the proposed development could be used by bats to feed and to move between different habitat features. UES proposed that individual trees that were to be removed should be checked for features suitable to be used by roosting bats prior to removal, and beech trees should be planted around the encampments to minimise light spill into the woodland.

During the extended phase 1 habitat survey UES also identified areas of the woodland and scrub as having the potential to support dormice. These areas were carefully searched for hazelnuts with the indicative tooth patterns left by dormice. UES have suggested further dormice presence/absence surveys be undertaken within the woods prior to the start of any work on site.

UES also suggested fitting bird and bat boxes to trees in the woodland to improve the quality of nesting and roosting habitats locally.