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The BCT runs a number of national, annual surveys through a volunteer network to monitor the status of many of our bat species across a range of habitats. Our surveys form the National Bat Monitoring Programme through which we track changes in bat populations. Monitoring bats is essential as over the last 60 years it would seem that many of our bat species have declined dramatically.

National bat Monitoring Program surveys

United Environmental Services have participated in this years National Bat Monitoring Program (NBMP) which is organised by the Bat Conservation Trust. UES carried out 10 separate bat surveys at 5 locations across Cheshire in July and September of this year. The surveys are carried out using a method specified by the BCT, this basically involves walking a transect route with a number of timed stops and recording any bats detected on a survey sheet which is submitted to the BCT.

The information gained from the bat surveys carried out across the country is used to estimate bat population trends in different areas over long periods of time.

The first set of bat surveys was completed at 3 sites in Cheshire during July, the sites surveyed were Antobus and Whatcroft near Knutsford and Sutton Lane Ends near Congleton. The July bat surveys were looking for Noctule and Serotine bats and also pipistrelle species.

The second set of bat surveys was completed during September at another 2 sites in Cheshire, these were Tatton Park and Pickmere Lake, both close to Knutsford.

The surveys in July found good numbers of Common pipistrelle and Soprano pipistrelle bats and good numbers of Noctule bats but No Serotines were recorded.

The Surveys in September found Nathusius pipistrelles using Pickmere Lake on both surveys, but none using Tatton Park. On the plus side we did find a Noctule Tree roost in Tatton, so it was still well worth the effort.

we look forward to participating in next years set of surveys.