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Breeam assessments require a report to be compiled by a suitably qualified ecologist. United Environmental Services can provide ecological reports across the full spectrum of Breeam buildings assessments from new build to building in use schemes.

Breeam Extended phase 1 Habitat Survey in Birmingham

UES were commissioned to provide an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey of o high rise office complex near Edgbaston in Birmingham. The Survey is to provide information for a Breeam buildings in use assessment. The report will comment on the current quality of the habitat for local wildlife, and also improvements which could be made in order to attract more species, and improve the habitat for those already present.

High rise office buildings may seem to have little to offer to wildlife. Careful management of the areas of green space and provision of features such as bird boxes and bat boxes can make a big difference to habitat quality in our busy urban areas.

Surprisingly many species of garden birds were seen in the area as well as a sparrow hawk. Peregrine Falcons have also been recorded locally. Bat species have been recorded in the area and steps could be taken to improve feeding and roosting opportunities for all of these species.

Features such as green roofs can also bring back some of the green space which is taken by our office buildings and provide habitat for birds.

Using attractive species of plants and trees can also help to brighten up our work places and provides benefits to wildlife and people alike.