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All species of British bats are fully protected by British and European law. Any action which has the potential to affect bats or their habitats is subject to the legislation.
Bat Surveys carried out thoroughly and early in the planning process will help you to save time and money.

Bat Survey of an industrial site in Timperley, Cheshire

United Environmental services were commissioned to carry out bat surveys of an industrial site in Timperley, Cheshire. The site consists of a series of large industrial units which are used for manufacturing and storage. The site is located next to a canal and opposite an area of woodland which offer good bat foraging habitat.

The buildings were searched internally and externally for bats and field signs associated with bats such as droppings and feeding remains. The size, structure and noisy nature of the buildings was not generally suitable for roosting bats and much higher quality foraging and feeding areas can be found locally.

Activity surveys were carried out using an Anabat bat detector and a batbox with edirol recording device.

Some bats were recorded along the canal and above the trees on the opposite side of the canal. The species recorded were Soprano pipistrelle and daubentons bats.