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Unused industrial units, like any other building can house roosting bats. Prior to the start of demolition works bat surveys must be carried out to ensure no protected species such as bats are harmed.

Bat scoping survey of a former foundry site in Bootle, Liverpool

UES have completed a bat scoping survey of a small industrial site in Bootle near Liverpool.

The bat scoping survey consisted of internal and external building inspections of all buildings on the site. The focus of the inspections was to look for bats or signs of use by bats such as bat droppings or feeding remains, and also to record any building features which could be used by bats.

At this time of year bats are generally inactive but may be beginning to come out of hibernation. This means that bat activity surveys are not yet possible and so building inspections are used to give an indication of past use and also a likelihood of use by bats throughout the spring and summer months. bat scoping surveys will also allow us to advise if more survey work is necessary.

Bootle is a mainly urban area which does not offer many good feeding and foraging areas for bats. Bats prefer open green spaces with hedgerows and trees which support the insects which they feed on.