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Bat scoping surveys are often used at times of year that bats are not active. They can give an early indication of bat presence, or in some cases rule out the use of a building by bats.

Bat scoping survey in Manchester

United Environmental Services were commissioned to carry out a bat scoping survey of a building in Manchester. The building is a wholesale fashion outlet close to Cheetham Hill, approximately 1 mile from Manchester City Centre.

Because the survey was undertaken in January (a time of year when bats are not active) a bat scoping survey of the building is the only type of survey which can be carried out. The bat scoping survey involves a full building inspection looking for signs of bats, evidence of use of the building by bats, bat roosts and any features which have the potential to be used by bats.

If the survey had found evidence of bats then it would have been necessary to return during the Spring / Summer months to carry out a bat activity survey in order to assess the number and type of bats using the building, and also the way in which they used the building, for instance as a maternity roost or a day roost.

A full report with all findings detailed mapping and aerial photography will be issued to our client in the next few days.