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Any site has the potential to be important for wildlife. Careful planning and thorough surveys before the start of any work will ensure that no damage is done to local wildlife.

Phase 1 Habitat Survey in Flintshire

United Environmental Services have completed an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey of a site near the town of Flint in North Wales. The site has been a dis-used brownfield site for some time and is on the edge of the Aber Park Industrial Estate.

Although the site is a brownfield site it lies just 150m from a designated wildlife site which has statutory protection under both UK and European Legislation. The Flint Marshes site id home to many species of plant and birdlife and the intertidal marsh, and flats and mud flats.

Record searches of the local area also produced information about several protected species which had been sighted locally, including Otters and Great Crested Newts.

With any development careful ecological planning early in the design phase will save costs in the long run. We are currently consulting with statutory bodies on behalf of our client to ensure that they are satisfied that the proposed plans will not have a negative impact on the ecology of the area.