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Natterjack toad in a puddle

Natterjack toad walk in Formby, Merseyside

UES took part in a natterjack toad walk at a site in Formby Merseyside. The walk was organised by Paul Rooney from Liverpool University.

The walk took place at the Cabin Hill National Nature Reserve (NNR) which has a series of sand dunes. Natterjack Toads have been recorded on the site since the early 1970's. The quality of the habitat has declined in recent years partly because vegetation has stabilized the dune system, meaning that there are less transitional pools formed, which are favoured by breeding natterjack toads.

The weather has been exceptionally dry this year and organisers Pete Gahan and Paul Rooney were a little apprehensive about the numbers of natterjacks which would be seen by the visitors. The weather in the last couple of weeks has been wet and last night was no exception. The natterjack toads were heard and then seen breeding and singly accross the site.

It was an interesting evening and a great opportunity to see some of our marvellous wildlife.

We would like to thank Pete and Paul for a great evening and we hope to see them again on a similar trip at some point in the near future.