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Feedback from client

Barry Elliott - Belpool Managing Director ‘UES were proactive and very quick to turnaround both the survey and report. Their professionalism and perseverance with the planning authority saved us a great deal of cost from potential stand down time. A great service.

Tarbock Hall Estate Water Vole Environmental Assessment Survey


UES were appointed by Gundy Excavations to carry out a series of Water Vole surveys in the Tarbock Green area of Merseyside. UES conducted an ‘Environmental Assessment survey’ which is recommended for more accurate Water Vole distribution of a site-based scheme. This survey process is designed to identify the impacts of potentially damaging operations at an early stage of the planning process.


Positive with various field signs recorded as seen below.

Actions and outcome

GIS (Mapinfo) plans and representation of the survey results to the nearest 1m were issued to the client, Environment Agency and LPA with details of best avoidance techniques of the areas affected in addition to creation of additional wetland habitats and increased connectivity measures.