UES have completed a landscape plan for Lingley Mere Business Park in Warrington. The development at Lingley Mere is set to provide a total of 1.25 million square feet of business space across 100 acres of open parkland.

The existing landscape of Lingley Mere includes mature woodland to the west, open grassland to the east and managed landscaping around existing buildings. UES have completed a variety of ecological surveys at Lingley Mere including Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and breeding bird surveys, which have allowed us to understand in detail the current habitats onsite and develop a landscape plan that takes account of existing natural features and wildlife, whilst realising the potential to add to the biodiversity of the landscape.

Proposed landscaping at Lingley Mere includes a beach area, constructed from a selection of water worn river boulders, cobbles and duck stones in a variation of colours, around an existing ornamental lake with seating for staff. Planting of native trees and wild flower seeding will not only add to the appeal of the business park but will also increase biodiversity in the area making a positive contribution to Warrington’s environmental future.

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