UES can provide an ecological clerk of works (ECoW) who will ensure that you meet your legislative, planning and contractual requirements.

Our ECoW will ensure that construction personnel have a high level of understanding about the ecological issues on site, and the associated legal and planning requirements. We will provide them with the necessary guidance and mechanisms to avoid and mitigate any ecological issues throughout the development process.

At UES we have experienced ecologists who can identify any potential risks on site, and work quickly to advise on how these can be resolved in a practical, timely and cost-effective manner.

UES offer a comprehensive portfolio of ECoW services, including:

  • Toolbox talks and site inductions
  • Advice on the protection of ecological features and protected species mitigation measures
  • Pre-construction and construction phase checks for protected species
  • Supervision during vegetation clearance or building demolition
  • Implementation of European protected species (EPS) mitigation licences for bats and great crested newts
  • Implementation of badger development licences
  • Species translocation
  • Habitat creation and enhancement works
  • Record keeping and production of reports to discharge planning conditions