Our ecologists can provide technical input at all stages of a projects life cycle, from initial baseline surveys, through impact assessments and route optioneering, to licensing and implementation of mitigation. We’ve worked with the likes of:

  • Electricity North West
  • National Grid
  • Southern Water
  • United Utilities

Ecological issues can pose significant risks to route options, development programmes, and construction timelines. At UES, our ecologists are accustomed to working within multi-disciplinary teams to provide cost-effective solutions that avoid and mitigate ecological impacts.

UES are experienced in surveying, licensing, and mitigating for a wide range of protected species. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of ecological services, including:

  • Baseline protected species and habitat surveys
  • Ecological impact assessments
  • Input into master planning
  • Protected species licence applications
  • Design and implementation of mitigation strategies

Our ecologists also hold SHEA gas passports; specialist training which allows them to work on operational gas sites.

At UES we focus on efficient and good quality surveys and reports, that are completed on time, and to the highest standard. We’ve got the knowledge and skills you need to meet your legislative, policy and contractual requirements, without spending more than you need to.