An article has been published on the Inpractice website which gives guidance to veterinarians on the care of British bats. Bats are often taken in to care by members of the public or volunteer bat workers.

Some of the common injuries found in bats are when domestic cats attack bats. Cats will wait outside the bat roost entrance and then attack bats as they leave the roost. The injuries associated with this are often torn wings and punctures. The wings of an injured bat will sometimes heal naturally other more serious injuries may result in death or unfortunately euthanasia.

Bats are also often injured by members of the public when they discover bats in their houses and try to catch them. The types of injuries found are on the bat are often broken wings and legs form being handled too roughly. A bat with broken legs cannot roost, feed or clean itself and will die without intervention.

If bats are found in the home or injured the best thing to do is call the bat conservation trust who will arrange for a bat worker to come and collect the bat and take it to get appropriate care.

The bat conservation trust helpline number is 0845 1300 228

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