United Environmental Services are a CHAS accredited contractor, and have been accredited since 2009. The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme or CHAS is a government run scheme, which aims to improve health and safety and remove duplication in the procurement process.

To qualify for CHAS accreditation a company is assessed on the following

Health and safety policy statement;
Their organisation for health and safety;
Their specific health and safety arrangements to a standard acceptable to our buyers and to others.
By becoming CHAS accredited we have removed the need for companies using our services to assess our health and safety policies. This saves time and money when arranging for work to be completed and helps to give all parties involved the peace of mind that work is being carried out with proper regard to safety.

Health and safety is always a concern as the surveys we do are often in inaccessible and dangerous places. Bat surveys can be in run down buildings and involve climbing up large trees for aerial inspections. Great crested newt surveys are carried out in ponds in the dark. We have always tried to ensure that we work as safely as is possible, becoming CHAS accredited has allowed us to be recognised for that.

More details of the scheme can be found by clicking the link below