There are over 2500 species of moth in Britain. As there are so many species of moths, experts split them into two groups, the larger (or macro-) moths and the smaller (or micro-) moths.

UES has been lucky enough to spot 51 species of macro-moth so far during monitoring surveys, including the impressive Eyed hawk-moth so called due to the large and beautiful spots on each of its hind wings, and the Peppered moth whose white with black speckled patterning across the wings make it well camouflaged against lichen-covered tree trunks which it rests on during the day.

Other favourite species observed include Burnished brass, Elephant hawk, Garden tiger, Ghost, Light emerald and Lime hawk-moth.

UES contributes to the National Moth Recording Scheme (NMRS), which brings together sightings of all macro-moths across the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands in a bid to create full ‘Britain and Ireland’ distributions for all species.