May and June is an ideal time to go and see orchids. Of the 56 species of orchid in the UK many can be easily found with a bit of prior knowledge and persistence on the ground. During a visit to 2 Wildlife Trust reserves in the Chilterns, we spotted the following species: Greater butterfly orchid, Fly orchid, Common twayblade, Common Spotted Orchid, Broad leaved helleborine, White helleborine, Narrow lipped helleborine and Early purple orchid. The ellusive Bird’s nest orchid escaped us this time. This orchid, which lacks chlorophyll is found within deep shade in the leaf litter of woodland. It is notoriously difficult to spot but it’s presence indicates that you are in a very special place, usually an ancient beech woodland on chalk or limestone soils. Have a look at our images of wild orchids and orchid hybrids.