Stewart attended the Bioblitz event at Norton priory on Friday evening to help with the bat surveys.

The event was organised by Cheshire Active Naturalists (CAN). The aim of the event was to record as many species of wildlife as possible on the site, with a target of 1000 species. Experts and specialists in many different field gathered at the site for the weekend event.

Stewart spent Friday evening recording bat species present on site . A total of six species of bat were found including common pipistrelle bats, soprano pipistrelle bats, Noctule bats, Brown long eared bats, Daubentons bats and whiskered / Brandts bats. Bats were seen to emerge from the buildings on site during the evening emergence survey. Most species of bats were recorded during the activity surveys around the canal and woodlands on the site.

The event was a great success for the CAN group and many members of the public attended a number of walks to search for species in the area. At the last count around 600 species had been recorded, but some samples were still being examined to determine the exact species.

More details of the event can be found on the Cheshire Active Naturalists website by clicking the link below.