Why do I need a nocturnal bird survey?

Nocturnal surveys may be necessary whereby normal daytime surveys do not permit a robust assessment of particular species. Daytime surveys for owls, nightjars and certain waders and wildfowl often do not represent well the night-time patterns of site usage. Nocturnal surveys are likely to be required whereby habitat is suitable for the above species, and also for developments that include the construction of wind farms. The data collected from nocturnal surveys is essential for informing the Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) and potentially a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) for the development

What does it involve?

A variety of survey methods are available to utilise at night, depending on the target species. For example. acoustic methods may be utilised for owls, snipes, nightjars, nightingales, corn crakes and several other species that can be difficult to survey during the day but can frequently be heard at night. Infrared cameras may also be utilised for waders such as lapwing and golden plover, which frequently forage on agricultural land during the night. Acoustic lures can also be used at night to trigger a response from territorial birds such as water rails or owls.

Are we the right surveyors for you?

Our team contains passionate ornithologists who have decades of experience in surveying for birds in a range habitats and sectors, including conservation work at designated sites requiring nocturnal surveys. We are also experienced at working with developers and local planning authorities in order to achieve a positive outcome for your project.