Why do I need a vantage point survey?

Vantage point surveys are designed specifically to assess flight activity and distribution over a survey area. The data produced are primarily used to assess the impacts of wind farms and developments that may affect the flight paths of target species, which are usually raptors, wildfowl, waders, or a mixture.

What does it involve?

The details of vantage point surveys are often site-dependent and are based on the target species of the site. The method involves pre-selecting vantage points that should cover all of the flight activity within the survey area. The duration and timings of the surveys depend on the target species and are tailored to the specific requirements of the project in order to collect the appropriate data. Furthermore, data collected are primarily focused on the target species, although activity summaries for secondary species are produced.

Following collation of the data, the impact of the development proposals are assessed based on the flight lines, behaviour and numbers of the target species.

Are we the right surveyors for you?

Our team contains passionate ornithologists who have decades of experience in surveying for birds in a range habitats and sectors, including conservation work. We use top-of-the-line optical equipment, which is essential for species identification at long range and it also enables a more complete assessment of bird activity. UES have worked on a range of surveys requiring vantage point surveys and we are experienced at acquiring a positive result for your planning application.