Many people in the UK share their buildings with bats and are unaware. As a result when Local Planning Authorities refuse planning permission in relation to bats home owners and developers can be surprised. However with the correct ecology surveys, appropriate planning and ecological advice from bat experts development can proceed.

Local Planning Authorities will refuse planning permission if they believe that bats may be affected. This can occur on projects of any size from a loft conversion to a major infrastructure development.

In some situations a bat survey such as a bat scoping survey will be sufficient to confirm the absence of bats. A bat scoping survey can be carried out at any time of year and can inform a prospective developer of any issues that may arise. Early recognition of bat presence and appropriate planning can remove the need for further survey works.

If bat presence is likely then a bat presence/absence survey may be required, construction can be postponed and planning permission will be refused until the necessary surveys are completed. These bat surveys can only be carried out within a specific window of 6 months across spring and summer. If evidence of significant bat presence is found you may be required to obtain a European Protected Species Licence from Natural England.

UES is an experienced ecological consultancy and has been providing ecological advice and services for several years throughout the UK. UES has worked on a variety of projects where bats are present, and is experienced in obtaining European Protected Species Licences for various types of development. UES is aware that delaying projects has major financial consequences and works hard to try and prevent any issues that could cause delay.