Bat Hibernation boxes are fitted high in trees and this one was no exception.This mature beech tree was chosen because of its size location and stability. Ropes were set up by Mike in order to climb the tree and then a small pulley was placed above the planned position of the hibernation box. Stewart then climbed the tree using the ropes. The pulley was tested for safety and then the bracket was nailed into position. The hibernation box which weighs 30kg was then hoisted up by Mike and Toby and hung in its final position roughly eight metres above the ground.

We hope to find noctule bats using this box next year as they were observed feeding very close by during a survey last summer. Soprano pipistrelles and Brown long eared bats were also recorded at the time and pipistrelles may well use the box when they find it. It is always a good approach to install extra bat roosts around any development even if no bats are to be affected by it. This can help all species of bats as they require many different roosts at different times of the year.

We also fitted hibernation boxes into the walls of the extension. And fitted bat access tiles into the new roof to allow access to the void beneath the tiles for crevice dwelling bats such as pipistrelles.